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    Hi Folks

    Just a few brief lines to introduce myself.

    I'm currently resident in Berkshire (far too posh for the likes of me!). Originally from the Midlands, some time in Scotland and all points in between.

    I grew up on a farm and shot (mostly with an air rifle) as a kid. I've also hunted (e.g. with hounds) on foot all of my life. I recently got very interested in stalking as an activity and stumbled across the site (which is ecellent), where I've been lurking for some time.

    I've joined a rifle club locally and have been merrily plinking away on an indoor range every week. I've also done a couple of sessions on army ranges. Eventually hping to progress to FAC and DSC1 (not necessarily in that order!)

    I'm hoping to get a few days stalking using an estate rifle booked in ASAP - so if anyone knows of particularly novice friendly guided stalking within a few hours drive of East Berks, then feel free to reccomend someone.


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