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Thread: A-Tec moderator v Wildcat Predator 8

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    A-Tec moderator v Wildcat Predator 8

    Iíve just ordered a new Sauer 202 in 6.5x55, and am now looking for a good moderator. My Gun dealer stocks both the Wildcat and A-tec. I'm looking for some feedback to help me decide which one to go for. I need to dry mount the rifle with both moderators fitted to get a feel, but any recommendations would be appreciated. Cheers Coopsy

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    A-TEC CMM4-AL Tried most out there, in fact to-day a mate came over to try an sort a load for his Sauer 202-.25-06 he had a Pes about 18in Long took it off put mine on to say he was pee'd off is a understatement, but as with every thing we ALL have our favorites

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    Many thanks for the info, I must admit the A-Tec does look a nice compact and light mod. I've been told that the A-Tec has a good charictoristic of reducing muzzle flip?

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    testing ammo today, saw every bullet strike

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    All the strippable suppressors are so, so, alike. Wether Dm80, widcat or Ase all are similar. I tried 'em all. Some are getting trendy, If it strips, balances the rifle to your needs. Hey presto, were on a winner.

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    Don't forget the Roedale Delta.
    I have a three of them at the moment.
    All stainless bead blasted for my 223 with 5 baffles. 496 grams
    A light version, all aluminium except the first two baffles in steel. 275grams for my 243
    which I fire quite few shot out of, hence two first baffles in steel.
    An ultralight 5 baffle all aluminium mod for my 308, weighs under 200 grams.

    I would choose between roedale and A-tec.


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    I currently have the atec cmm4 and prior to this had the wildcat moderator.

    BOth stripable and so easily maintained and both good at noise reduction and recoil.

    The winner for me is the atec it is so light that you dont realise it is there unlike the wildcat which is about 3x it's weight.

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    +1 on the Atec, I had 4" of my .222 and fitted with an A-tec CMM. Weight and balance pretty much the same. It does give of alot of a large heat wave though when you are zeroing with it on the .243, three shots and its all fuzzy. You shouldn't zero on a hot barrel anyway...

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    Thanks to all for your feedback, looks like the A-tec is comming out on top. Just had a phone call from my gun dealer to let me know that my new Sauer has arrived so will let you know which moderator i have gone for. Cheers.

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    Dont discout the Third Eye Tactical Spartan moderator - ive just got one and am impressed, ive looked at numerous before deciding...

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