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Thread: Got a Mauser in the end.

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    Got a Mauser in the end.

    Hi Guys
    You may recall recently I posted a thread about getting a new Mauser M98 well the 98 did end up extreemly expensive.
    Well i had a Mint almost unused Beretta 471 sat in my cabinate doing nothing and I did want to do a deal with it on something else including wanting another Scmidt and Bender 6x42 scope.
    I was off today so I took a trip upto Francis Lovels and was dealt with by Matt (who apart from anything else makes first rate coffee), we then got on to Mauser rifles. Matt got several out for me to play with..........ummmm no good......GOT to have one.
    We spoke about a deal and I have to say that Lovels are very fair and realistic with their prices etc. The deal includes my mint Sako 75 .30-06.
    Not only did they do me proud but they arranged for me to go to the importers and choose my new rifle. Again what a pleasure and once again Rupert at open season could not be more helpful in making sure I got just what I wanted.
    Just need Hampshire Constabulary to do their bit on my variation on a one for one as I cant wait to get and try my new .30-06 Mauser M-03.
    Best wishes Martin

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    I don't think you'll regret it, I love my M03. Let us know how you get one.

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