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Thread: Red in Velvet

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    Red in Velvet

    I was having a conversation earlier in the week with a mate who had just got back from a trip on the Lakeland reds.

    He mentioned in passing that one of the beasts he took was a spiker in velvet. He didn't seem to think much of it, but my ears pricked up a bit.

    Is it unheard of for a red spiker to remain in velvet in October?

    Is there an equivalant of a perruque buck in red deer?


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    2 weeks ago on the SD week in Sutherland Countryboy and me stalked into a group of Reds on the hill 3 of which were spiker stags in velvet. I was quite surprised to see them this late on myself and am sure that my colleagues back at the cottage were`nt altogether convinced.


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    No its not uncommon to see spikers in velvet this late, ive seen plenty in the last few weeks.
    There are perruque red stags but they are very rare, im sure there was a thread on here about a perruque stag that was shot on my friends land last year.


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    This years young would definitely NOT have any antlers of any kind.


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    Here's a couple pics of spikers I took about 10 days ago

    saw quite a few that day aswell

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    cracking pictures there stone

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    I shot a young beast still in velvet a week past Sunday

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    I saw a spiker in velvet on Saturday and shot another long spiker,but what i reckon to be two year old going by body size, black in the belly from rutting.

    Stone what age do you think the stag in the first pic is, is he a good yearling or will that be his second head.


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    Quote Originally Posted by stalkerboydy View Post
    this years young??????????
    Something to think about here although I doubt it would apply to Scottish conditions. Red deer in very good environment are capable of growing and shedding their spikes and then grow their "2 year old" head all in their first calendar year. First time I saw it I was very confused. Have even seen some cast one spike and grow a second antler on one side but not on the other. The beauty of ear tagging is that there can be absolutely no confusion over age of said beast.

    Stalkerbody. With the bodyweights you are seeing in your part of the country I am wondering if you have seen this.

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