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Thread: Im in; now I'll spend the rest of my days trying to get out!

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    Im in; now I'll spend the rest of my days trying to get out!

    Hello everyone, Mark 'Little Terry' Littleford here. Although I'm not brand new to the site, I haven't been lurking around for as long as many of you. Stumbled across TSD by accident really and got instantly hooked by (cheesy marketing speak coming up) 'the eclectic and vibrant mix of information and enthusiasts, all brought together in one place to create a unique and dynamic stalking resource'. That's the best way I could think to describe it anyway.

    Anyway, enough about you, lets talk about me..........
    I live in Bridgnorth, Shropshire and work for a Swedish farm machinery manufacturer which takes me all around the UK and to many parts of Europe (mainly Sweden for obvious reasons). This line of work has allowed me to meet like-minded shooting enthusiasts from various parts of the world and I have been lucky enough to get involved in all aspects of the sport.

    Stalking is by far my number one passion and I have recently got permission on a small patch of arable and woodland in Warwickshire through a friend and customer that I have down there. There are Muntjac, Roe and Fallow on there and I realy enjoy any time that I get to spend down there with or wthout the rifle. Got myself a few highseats set up last season and have plans for more this time. I haven't shot much down there yet (a few Fallow and a couple of Roe so far), but am trying to build up an idea of what's about first.

    That's me pretending to be a gay teapot.....

    ....and doing some cooking.......

    ...and flashing my Beaver (sorry, couldn't resisit it).

    I spend time hunting in Sweden for Roe, Moose, Badger, Fox, Beaver, Hare and Wildboar as regularly as possible and my Swedish mates come over here on 'exchange' hunting trips - we have a policy not to let any money change hands, which is nice!

    I've grown up around shooting and the countryside really. Did the ususal beating on local shoots as a 'yoof' and got a weekend job with the local keeper that saw me through my last few years at school. Had a bunch of Ferrets and a lurcher whilst at school that earnt me a bit of pocket money from the game dealer and I also did a roaring trade in second hand air rifles during my school days. Went off to College and found more shooting mates there, spending our time on the pigeons, rabbits and doing some wildfowling, although drinking beer and fishing seemed to take up most of the time. Oh, did some studying there too I think! Came back home and met the current Fiance and now run a small shoot with her brother on their farm. Like to get out lamping as often as I can and desperately waiting for the combines to start rolling so that I can get back at it. Most of my mates are in the farming game so either join me on shoting trips or provide me with somewhere to 'shine my lamp', as it were.

    I use a 6.5x55 Blaser R93 for all of my stalking and foreign shooting, loaded with Norma Oryx 156grn softpoints and have a Winchester Mod 70 in .223 for the foxes and a .22 for the bunnies etc. Recently whittled the shotgun collection down to a 12g Beretta 687 and a .410, which has created much needed space in the cabinet.

    I've got a Border Terrier called Denzil and would like to try and get him tracking, but he seems more adept at sitting in the truck and farting for now. Maybe he'll come round one day. He's better as a travelling companion for when I'm at work really!

    Other things that I'm into include fishing, beer, porn, acting like a t**t, music and cars, but not necessarily in that order at rarely all at once. Currently building a hotrod 1941 Chevrolet pickup with a tuned 4litre straight 6 motor and just finished restoring a 1959 series 2 Landrover for one of my mates.

    Well that's about it really, or the interesting parts at least. Looking forward to getting to chat with you lot in the future and maybe even meet one or two. Maybe see you on the March & Shoot, which I have foolishly put my name down I have to bring a Roe Sack?????

    All the best,

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    Now thats what i call an introduction

    Thanks for posting Terry

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    Little Terry ~ looking at where you live and the job you do, were you ever present at that great seat of land based education at Edgmond near Newport, Shropshire?

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    Hi Terry
    Welcome to the site, biggest intro yet I think.
    I'm not a million miles from you and the same trade but we sell the opposition


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    Great intro Terry, nice piccies with lots of memories. I look forward to hearing more from you.



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    I think that wins a prize for the longest intro

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    Again, nice intro Terry.

    Just how do you find time to do anything with all the things that you are into , guns, cars, fishin, beer and most probably women aswell oh, and not forgetting acting like a teapot


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    Hejsan Terry , Welcome to the forum. I see your a man that likes Swedish Hunting. I moved to Sweden 5 years ago. I love the Swedish way of hunting. If you are ever in Tranemo kommun, Västragötland give me a call

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    Bloody hell Terry, that's a bigger entrance than Dame Edna makes, by the way, stop flashing your Beaver!


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