First version of this died so a slightly shorter version, huge sighs of relief all round!

I escaped up torridon way for a few days on the hill, one of which being with my dad who had never shot a stag. The weather was clearly getting chilly but i did not expect snow. The first day was textbook stuff. lots of time spying followed by a long walk to get into position well above the groups. We edged down the hill to make a choice between 2 beasts and watch them for a bit. Lots of roaring and chasing hinds back into tight groups. The stalker decided and the stag with the fewer hinds was to get the good news. We slowly made our way down the hill trying to close with the stag without winding the hinds. We were sailing close to the proverbial and the stalker and i crawled into position. The hinds were getting fidgety and the stag was a blur of activity keeping them where he wanted them. Then the hinds started walking together in 1 direction so i nudged forward to get a clear shot and there was a resounding thump as the 140gr accubond truck home. The shot was for on high, so much so that the in-shot had to be 2/3 of the way up the beast. He fell over kicked and that was that!

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ID:	3078 A quick look in his mouth confirmed an excellent choice by the stalker, nae teeth at the back.
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We got up the next morning and were met by quite a bit of snow. What a day we had. There was a lot of thisClick image for larger version. 

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ID:	3080 creeping around corners, and even more of this. Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	3081 I am soooo looking forward to getting some revenge on those hinds, we lay curled in balls in the snow as 4 hinds inspected us from 30 metres for 45 minutes. They couldn't work us out and only when after 45 minutes did one get around us and catch our wind did she go, taking the herd with her but leaving 3 curious hinds who did not take her word for it. A day later and all 3 would be on the ground!!

Finally we got well above them and dad connected with his first stag. An awesome day with a lot of diferent experiences but all the highs and lows in lots of different weather.

Here is the unlucky beast. The last to be shot of the season from that estate. Check out the size of the snowflakes!

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