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Thread: How many charlies seen and shot in one night??

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    How many charlies seen and shot in one night??

    Went lamping on a bit of new groung last year and that night seen 24 foxes in 4 hours. It was jan kina time! i have never seen so many in one night! they were comeing in no prob atol with a squeek of the hand!There was sum old ones that are wize and bit wary! It has to be the best fun i have ever had with foxes! We had 6 foxes that night and they were all cubs and they were vixens! There wasnt a shot fired that was more than 100 yards so easy shooting. That week and we were out every night and shot more than 3 a night! and we still lamp the ground now and again and there is not even one night we come home empty handed!!

    Any more storys?

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    Me and my old man had 7 in one night about 5 miles away from you when my old man became the keeper on the estate which hadnt been managed for years.. That was a few years back now though.. Problem with North Yorkshire is the amount of poachers which make the foxes lamp shy, you dont stand a chance in getting anywhere near them!

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    personal best was 9 in one night,had plenty of 5 and 6 in a night

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    For a long time it was 2. Every time we had shot 2 and carried in something went wrong (landrover prop shaft, staked tyre, busted lamp, getting stuck) so we used to just call it a night!

    But we have since had a 4 and a couple of 3's.

    Most i have ever had in a night was up here in North Wales and 5 in a night

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    3 foxes and one moose - tenerife 1992

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    Best ive done is 2 in 10 mins. Im baiting and tracking time one at a farm i shoot at. Its been a couple of weeks work and when I get him that will feel as good as shooting 10 in 1 night!!! He started off visiting at 5am then 2am and latest was 1am(using clock trick) not had chance to be there that late yet but know he will be there when I do!!! Hopefully this weekend.

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    I stood calling one night and eventually give up crossed into the next feild to see 6 heading my way only got the one but i have heard talk here in N.I that foxes seen to be running in small groups now rather than singles has anyone heard or seen this ???

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    A few weeks back I spent 4 hours out in the field and didnt see a fox. I drove out of the farm yard to a well lit roundabout and one crosssed inf ront of me and sat on the opposite cerb looking at me. I even got out the car and it didnt move!!!!

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    Potman will bear me out on this, 33 foxes in one season on one field, one night we were surrounded!
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