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Thread: What Sort of dogs are these?

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    What Sort of dogs are these?

    What sort of dogs are these?
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    Brindle bitsa's ?

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    If they were in America i would put my guess in as some sort of coon hound, short of that a bitsa

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    Plott Hound?

    Looks very similar:

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    where is the pic from,country will give a better idea.

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    nice dogs what kind of work do you use them for

    Quote Originally Posted by Orion View Post
    Plott Hound?

    Looks very similar:

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    Quote Originally Posted by darren_mc View Post
    nice dogs what kind of work do you use them for
    No, not mine. They're interweb pics of Plotts.

    Interesting breed though:

    Apparently susceptable to bloat - as are Bloodhounds.

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    More then likely plotthounds.
    Look at this website :

    A German mix of the Hannover Schweisshund X Plotthound. They seem to be big strong dogs that track any game.

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