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Thread: Red Stag Rut

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    Red Stag Rut

    Well thats it over for another year,I would be interested in how others found it in their areas this year, especially from estate stalkers did you reach your cull figures.
    With us it never really got going right until 11/10/10 the latest I have ever seen it start
    and yesterday 21/10/10 while still hearing stags roar was watching stags heading back to their wintering ground for them it was over, so not only the latest rut I have ever seen but the shortest.

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    Where I was on the west coast you would hardly know it was a rut compared to last year for instance. I know that people have said it's nothing to do with the weather but the length of day. Well that's an exact science the declination of the sun is the same each year at exactly the same time, however back home in Caithness we have seen blackface sheep not standing for the tup due to mild weather but doing so a month later after a cold spell. It will be interesting to see what transpires !!

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