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Thread: Sat nav

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    Sat nav

    I am just about to get rid of my truck which has built in sat nav.

    I am looking to buy a system which I can input longitude / latitude and not just street names and post codes. I tend to visit a lot of remote places with work, which are not covered by a post code or on a main road. At the moment I find my desired destination on Google Earth and then enter the longitude / latitude in to my built in sat nav. So far, I have been unable to find a sat nav which will allow me to do this. I am sure there must be something on the market(?).



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    I'm pretty sure you can enter longitude and latitude coordinates into a tomtom. I'll go check mine out and report back
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    Yes you can do it with tom-tom.

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    yep, option to enter L and L. Another option is to enter a place on a map overview.
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    im on the road 12hours a day and Garmin is the only one to buy .they have also come down in price as my first one was 450 and after standing on it i replaced it with one at 160 which is just as good..BMW 6s come with Garmin standard in dash so if its good enough for them it good enough for me..

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    Thanks Chaps.

    I have had nothing but blank looks and straight 'no you cant' from the dipsticks with shiny suits and dodgy ties in Curry's and PC world etc when I have asked the question!

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    My first satnav worked very well for about four years then started playing up, a cynical person might say that the 'repeat sale' chip had kicked in!

    I went to several places to look for my next one and met some prize prats, almost to a man they just read what it said on the box out loud to me as if I was a five year old! At one point the lack of knowledge made me think that I had walked into 'The Sportsman' by mistake!

    I finally found one guy in Halfords who had a bit of product knowledge and, more importantly, a bit of enthusiasum.

    The one I finally bought is ok but not as good as the first one as it frequently can't find small villages and I have to look them up on a map and find a larger town nearby in order to get into the vicinity. Still bloody useful though and interesting to see how far you are into a long journey.


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    PC world?................ three letters missing there mate!
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    I've got a Garmin which I've had for several years and can't fault, you can enter L&L, but I don't think there's much between them and Tom Tom. I've used both and prefer Garmin especially as it has a pedestrian option.

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