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Thread: Degreasing a barrell

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    Degreasing a barrell

    I've just picked up some Phillips Gun Blue to fix a small patch on my barrell (deer blood), but the store did not have a degreaser - is there anything around the house that might work (not that you guys know what I have around the house,,if you do I'll be concerned!)

    Oh, also, how long do I leave it on?

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    Nail polish remover??? Just a guess.
    My first choice would be thinners.
    Coleman stove fuel is effectively the same as bodyshop panel wipe if you've got any of that kicking around.
    Just splash on a clean rag and wipe down. Repeat untill the cloth remains clean,ie doesn't wipe anything off.

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    Meths? I use this as a final wipe through after giving my rifles thier annual or thousand round proper clean (whichever comes first)! JC

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    Lighter fuel every time/....

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    I have lighter fuel to hand in my study, so that's what I use.

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    Meths, i also use this to de-grease my chamber on a chamber mop after cleaning and makes it squeaky clean.

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