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Thread: Gaiters

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    Have long been suspicious of the actualy waterproofness of my Harkila Gaiters so i am not looking for some new ones.

    Had a quick look on the Blackislander site and nearly had a heart attack, 64!!!

    Are the standard blackislander ones any good?

    What else do people use, i need them plenty long thanks to my lanky legs so that i dont end up with a gao between my breeks and the gaiters

    Had a look at the Yeti ones from berghaus, might get some if i find a second pair of boots to put them on!


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    Neoprene Mac Gaiters worked for me when I use em.
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    Hi Dan and have a look at their welly gaitors i think they are about 15 a pair i have been wearing them for the last 6-7 yrs i would not wear anything else now

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    I wear a pair of barbour waxed ones for beating and stalking. They're waterproof and I like that I can reproof them. They do take some hammer though, so I reproof them more often than I would a coat. The straps that go underneath the boot are a bit rubbish so I've mod'ed them with cable ties. They're ok now. Not sure about length as I wear mine with trousers.



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    If you want noisy ones for beating, wear the N.A.T.O. issue ones!
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    got 2 pairs of blackislanders they are well made have had the original pair about 8 years and still use them

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    I use Le Chameau Kotkor gaiters... they come up on Ebay occasionaly.

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    I use Kammo gaiters they ok but the lace you get to hold them under your boots can go straight in the bin.

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    Yeti's, cant fault them.

    Unfortunately they are actually designed for a solid sole, not the flexi sole you find on most boots now.

    I use a drop of Evo Stick Impact Adhesive on the rubber toe of my boot and then on the mating face of the gaitors rand.

    Works a treat.

    One word of advice, once you use them, peel the gaitor all the way down to "air" the boot, my lace eyelets rotted on the first pair of boots I had them on, no problems this time round. They are as good as wearing wellies.

    My wife has a set on her boots for walking the dog.
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    I use huntec gaiters from new zealand, have three pairs of them, first pair have had them 7 years they are a very hard wearing pair of gaiters, silent and waterproof. Would definately recomend them.

    They are approx 40 pound.


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