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Thread: Browning B2g B25

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    Browning B2g B25

    I have a 1977 Browning B25 B2g with 27 1/2" barrels in perfect condition with lovely wood and gamescene checkering. I beleive this era was the best run of totally handmade Hertsel shotguns. I have owned it for 15 years and it is now lying in my cabinet not getting used enough as i have been using my 20g ... Can anyone on here value my gun prior to it going on sale?
    Many Thanks... Alex.

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    Bump (sorry)!!

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    Thanks.. valued as by some on here is 3500- 4000.
    Many thanks.

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    For sale... 3750.

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    Do you have any pictures of the gun I could view . Is it cased?

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    I have a Brady canvas and leather case.. much better than a Browning case.. PM me your email addy?

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    B2g B25 for sale

    Hey Alex,

    I might be interested in the gun, possible to send some pics of it ,



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