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Thread: Dumb or what?

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    Unhappy Dumb or what?

    Feel free to give me a virtual kick up the arse here.

    Sent off the FAC app last month, been waiting patiently like a good boy to hear from the FLO. Postman came yesterday delivered a letter, I thought 'writing looks familiar'.

    It was mine, incorrect postage same with my references as I prvided SAE for them both

    On a better not got DSC1 on the 6th of next month in Cirencester

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    Apparently the post office sorting offices are a law unto themselves. The post office says pay so much then the sorting office rejects. That is from Strathclyde police who have lost quite a few FAC through non delivery,

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    when corresponding with firearms admin I always use recorded delivery, that way there's problems

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    sorry lads that should've read "no" problems !!!

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    Reminds me of the last variation I sent by post, recorded delivery obviously..
    Three days after I posted it, the postman knocked on my door, said I need to sign for this...
    Yes it was the variation form, they delivered it to the return address
    I signed for it, got in the car and delivered it myself, gave the licensing office girls a laugh when I told them


    PS: post office refused to refund the postage charge as I didn't give them a second chance

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    Am lucky that i live very near the police station so they all get hand delivered. That and a nagging email seems to do the job!

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