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Thread: Sako 75 or Sauer 202?

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    Sako 75 or Sauer 202?

    Hi all,my first post! I need your combined wisdom...I currently have a Sako 75 Stainless Synthetic in 243 which I am selling as i find it a bit heavy for me ..I have seen and held a Sauer 202 Classic Extreme and the lightness is a revelation,even with a S&B 6X42 and an ATEC MOD, what do the troops think about the Sauer202? Cheers

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    Sako or Sauer

    I had a sako synthetic stainless in 6.5, changed it for Sauer 202 Outback in 6.5, love the outback, its a great rifle would highly recomend the Outback.

    Some people dont like the safety on the 202, i quite like it never had any problem with the safety, there is a set trigger on the rifle, only used the set trigger a few times when shooting targets.


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    There is one for sale at the moment in 7x64, which i have a slot for on my ticket, so i was doing sums, working out trade in prices etc. and then i looked at the reviews of them. Not terribly inspiring, their accuracy is no better than I can achieve with my sako. The switch barrel facility must be good if you travel a lot for your stalking though. Have a trawl through the online reviews, they are mainly product placement reviews, but it is surprising how critical some are.

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    The 202 outback is a great wee rifle if you get the model with built in weaver rail . It shoots 1nch at a 100 if you bench it and for an ultra light rifle i didnt even expect that its a trade of always and carring it about al day is worth the trade.

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    I have a 202 elagance and love it but although its lighter than my sako l691 its still on the heavy side about 8.5lbs bare but i like a heavy rifle anyway,i would think the one you have held would have an alloy receiver which makes them about a pound lighter,only thing to watch if it hasn't got the built in mounts is you don't strip the threads when mounting bases as they had problems with them stripping out, newer ones will have the built in base,other than that they are lovely rifles,personally though i'd rather have steel receiver and put up with the extra weight.

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    The weight of the new out back is less than 3 kilo not sure how to change to llbs but will be about 6.5lb so its a real light weight.

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    have a 202 elegance in .308 lovely gun but got the wood covered in co monaghan mud last weekend and am now thinking about buying a synthetic stock.mine is the alloy receiver but so far no problems with scope movement. also have sako rifles and can not say anything bad about them either.

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    I have a 202 in .22.250 and a synthetic 202 in .243.. was out foxing and my pal who had never shot a Sauer before hit a fox accurately at 256y on the limits of the lamp... he is now ditching his Sako as he would in his own words never have hit it never mind a shot placement of 1" of intended aim. He says the Sauer is a much smoother rifle to fire and aim.

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    Red Dot, are you saying holdover at 256yds was only 1", surely this is because you've zeroed at 200 or so,,,or am I getting this wrong?

    back on the subject, I have the Sako 75 Hunter .243 in wood stock with the 6x42 S&B and LOVE IT!!! shoots as straight as you would ever need unless you are competing. I find it very light actually, maybe the synthetic is heavier, or the owner needs to go to the gym

    Zeroed at 100yds I have a 3.6" drop at 200yds and 7.8" drop at 250yds using factory norma 100g sp, but I once zeroed it at 200yds with factory Federal 85g HP and found that off a bipod it could easily accomodate for a 1" 5 shot grouping - I was very pleased with that and given the relatively light weight, would never see a reason to switch - unless you're just trying to justify a new rifle

    I friend of mine uses the Tikka T3 synthetic, and I found it light, yes, but a little flimsy and plastic'y. no offense to those who use and love it.

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    I had a sauer 202 .243 and never really got on with it.

    I was a lovely rifle to carry, point and shoot but there was something in my mind that wasnt right.

    Trying to replace it with a Sako 75 now!

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