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    Hello stalkers

    I have joined the stalking forum to work out why my wonderful boyfriend has abandoned me on Friday nights (sometimes other days/evenings.) and elected to stay outside under the stars to shoot wild boar. Stalk deer and beat Pheasants.

    I on the other hand have two wonderful Arab Ex racehorses a shy one and an OAP happy hacker. I work for a healthcare company and live in Hampshire. I have had a gun in 06 to 07 for protection when I lived on a Ranch on the arizona/mexican boarder. I had a little 32 pistol and in addition to using it for protection I also used it to scare wild dogs. I think my aim is okay. Until I shot a rifle on a range and then it all went down hill.

    My partner is a very good shot being ex Army. I would like to get better so one day I could coolly walk onto a range and beat him at target shooting.

    Iím a bit squeamish about shooting animals. As my horses live on a working farm I have had lectures from both my boyfriend and the Farm Owner about the merits of shooting. I can understand shooting bunnies (although it is sad.) they leave holes in my horses field and it isnít good incase they have a nasty fall.

    This all sounds slightly naive upon reading it back. Anyway I hope you can excuse my punctuation and grammar errors and help enlighten me to a world of stalking.

    Thanks for reading


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    Welcome to the forum. I hope you get some insight as to why your other half seems to prefer cold nights out to cosy nights in and misty mornings in a wood to warm mornings in bed.. The way I explained it to my better half just consisted of one question. Have you ever been out in a wood first thing in the morning, when you know for a fact that apart from the birds, you're the only thing on two legs for miles around that's not in bed? You get the chance to see the sun rise and the world wake up. No traffic noise. no voices. Nothing but the sound of the birds' dawn chorus and the sound of your own breathing. I'll start waxing lyrical if I'm not careful, I'll just say, it's magical.
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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