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Thread: Smartreloader press- any good?

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    Smartreloader press- any good?

    Does anyone here use, or even seen Smartreloader's Omega 800 press? 50 seems almost to good to be true- does the quality match the price, or is it really a bargain?

    I used to have a Lyman Orange Crusher, and wouldn't mind getting a new Lyman press, but the price did make me wince- especially considering what I paid for mine in 1994.

    Never should have sold it...

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    I had a look at the Smartload presses 3 weeks ago at a Gunshow not very impressed with the finish on them look like farm implements, I use a 40 year old Rockchucker and a 5 year old Lyman Crusher 11, If I were to buy a new press it would be a Redding preferable a T7 but a Boss would do at a pinch it is better than the Lyman and the old RCBS presses, the new Rockchucker is pretty good a friend has one I gave him a hand setting it up works like it should good used primer catcher but is $60 more expensive here than the Redding, you could surf the net for a secondhand press good ones don't wear out

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    How a press looks is secondary to how accurate the machining is and presses are usually line-bored which is difficult to mess up enough to effect cartridge reloading. For $40 US I would give it a try and probably will, as an extra press is always a welcome thing. JMHO~Muir

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