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Thread: Huntaway/nz sheepdog for sale

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    Huntaway/nz sheepdog for sale

    Unfortunately with the move to Oz I'm going to have to sell my work dogs- not strictly a deer dog but I know theres a few farmers/ shepherds on the site and a few members that've been to mine have seen this pup and expressed an interest- anyone who has tried to find proper NZ bloodline Huntaways knows how hard it is. He is out of one of Brian Davies Imports called Tiu I beleive- both parents were working dogs and I have started his training on basic commands in the yards and paddocks.

    He answers to the name Duke and is a big strong dog- only 10 months old but can clear a 6ft wall already and has a hell of bark on him. Will ride on bikes and Pickups as well.

    Thought I'd give SD members a chance at him otherwise he'll be in the farming papers next week.

    I'm either in Cumbria or Perthshire if anyone is interested p.m me for a phone number for details.

    A big thanks again to admin for letting me advertise all this stuff.

    I'm asking 550 which I think is a reasonable price as he was 350 as a pup and a good amount of training and food has gone into him.
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