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Thread: What to apply for?

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    What to apply for?

    Hello just joined and put a post on the intro bit.
    I am after some advice please.
    I want to get an fac
    I'm 26 no record with the police no Heath issues mental or otherwise. I'm going to be with the countryside alliance so have some shooting cover as well as cover for my falconry.
    I have been given permission to shoot rabbit, hair,fox and muntjack on land which is about 2000 acres.
    My question is as it's my first rifle will I be restricted to caliber ? My friend with a fac thinks I will only be granted a 22lr or 17hmr. How dose this sound to you? I was thinking of going for a .223 rem or .204 ruger to be more humane with foxes and I believe a 22 is minimum for muntjack? If anyone can advise me please do and I'm open to suggestion on caliber to as I'm only going on what I have read.
    Many thanks.

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    I would apply for a .308. Good all rounder. You will never need anything bigger, not in the uk anyway. As for your comment regards being humane with foxes, i can understand your concern, i would not worry about carcass damage on a fox as it will be buried or incinerated after death. No such thing as overkill with foxes, in my opinion. The only problem i can foresee is the rabbit. Unless you can headshot them all i would apply for a .17 hmr as well. This is remember, only my opinion. Regards, Ed.

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    Thanks for the reply eddie.
    The overkill on rabbit was why I thought .223
    Do you think it will be an issue going for a 308 as my first rifle like my mate said?

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    The minimum authorised calibre for munties is the centre fire .22 so a good choice would be a .222, that would also be a good choice for fox.
    It is a bit OTT for rabbits, unless you can head shoot them every time!! but ideal for all the other quarry you mention.
    It is easily moderated as it is reasonably quiet already, there is no recoil to mention and is a light rifle as well.
    I have personal experience of both the .222 and the .223, both will do the job you mention but my personal preference is the .222 and will probably not be as hard to get for a first rifle as maybe some of the other calibres that will be mentioned by others as soon as they read your post

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    Thanks emcc.
    If I apply for a .222/.223. And I'm refused can I then apply again or do you have to wait ? Are there any corses I can Do which will help?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raven345 View Post
    Thanks for the reply eddie.
    The overkill on rabbit was why I thought .223
    Do you think it will be an issue going for a 308 as my first rifle like my mate said?
    A .308 is no different to any other firearm in respect of safety.A safe shot is required on everything,from an air rifle to a .50 cal. If it isnt safe or you have doubts, dont shoot. At least you will never have to reapply if you spread your wings and start shooting larger deer.
    It may be a good idea to do a course on firearms handling first so you can show some form of competence. I am not saying for a minute you are not competent. It is something that your local firearms may appreciate upon your application. There are various courses available with basc etc. Dsc1 would be a very good idea. You wont beat a good mentor though, hands on. Regards, Ed.
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    Thanks again eddie.
    Who can be your mentor? I know someone who has had his fac for a long time and has the same land as me but has a 17hmr would he be able to mentor me for a larger caliber? Many thanks for the replys

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    All you need to acquire a rifle is good reason.

    2000 acres with rabbit, fox, Muntjac and hare is pretty good reason in anyone's book.
    Some forces are reluctant to issue centrefire rifles to someone with no experience, you have to ask them, but good reason is difficult to counter.
    Someone with an HMR could not mentor you for a .243 for deer, it has to be a deer calibre rifle. It is not just the rifle it is the deer skills as well.

    It might be an idea to ask your licensing bureau about their policy WRT to the rifles you are after.
    They will tell you what they want you to do mentor or not, no opinion on here can say.

    Try to get it in writing as well rather than verbal opinion.

    Policy varies force by force and you stated south west rather than which county.

    If you are after deer and require a mentor, be careful to ensure that you trust this person as you could lose your stalking to them. Some folk are reticent to state where they shoot. All about money in stalking.

    Rifles are largely target specific.
    22LR or 17HMR for rabbit.
    22CF for fox.
    243 and larger for deer.
    There is overlap.

    There is quite a lot of info on the BASC web site for FAC application forms and advice around them, how to fill them in et al.

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    Thanks jack I think I may well try for s .223 as will do well with the game I have available I have only seen a few munts but lots of rabbit and foxes are causing him problems. I'm in Somerset by the way.I will look on the basc site. Oh what's WRT sorry if it's a silly question.

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