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Thread: some day old

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    some day old

    just thought a few of you might be interested in this little one

    this is a day old reeves pheasant
    not sure if it is a third leg or a third wing
    the item in question grows from the middle of its back between it's wings
    (the hand is mine)
    at the moment it is 4 days old and feeding well

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    it sure looks like a toe mate.

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    day olds

    Stone dont worry about extra appendages i have seen hundreds of this sort of thing in chickens , as long as it can fly and the others dont peck it to death it will be fine i have seen them with four legs three wings the most common one is a leg growing instead of a tail hope it survives, next door to me had 7000 yesterday 7000 next week the same the week after . I must admitt the chicks this year look a bit better this year than last

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