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Thread: Best knife sharpener

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    Best knife sharpener

    I'm thinking of buying an Apex Pro sharpener, I have a lansky at the moment and I find that the vice part doesn't always hold the blade at the same angle. Just a quick question anyone have any experience of the Apex Pro?

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    I did a fair bit of research a while ago and they (edge pro) were recomended by everyone who I spoke to and replied to threads on different forums (airgun bbs british blades etc) as the best clamp system available. Funds didn't quite stretch to one at the time so I got the gatco edgemate. It's better than the lansky system if you aquire the extra fine and polishing hones. The edgepros are supposed to be well worth the money but aparently you can go through the waterstones quite quickly if you use them a lot. My intention is to get one in the states next year.
    Again this is all just info I've picked up, not first hand experience!

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    I have a clamp knife sharpening system but to be honest it has not been used since I bought an oval diamond sharpening 'steel'. I use it for everything from hunting/household knives to chisel and plane blades. Probably the best 40 I've spent on any one piece of equipment.

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    I like the Accusharp- not as good as a hone to be honest, but it is quick and handy.

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    I like the look of these but I already have a Gatco, Diamond stones etc etc! Worth a look?

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    Spyderco Tri angle sharpmaker works extremely well, been using one for years.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Tikka 260 View Post
    Spyderco Tri angle sharpmaker works extremely well, been using one for years.



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    I had a mate bring an Edge Apex 4 Kit ( Edge Pro, Inc. ) back from USA that I had delivered to his place over there - cheapest way I could find to do it.

    Takes a little time to get slick at using it, but you won't do any damage to your blades in the process. Yes it really works well and does so fairly gently i.e. you are not removing enormous amounts of expensive steel, so the knives last longer. I find it works well on all straight or convex blades. I haven't worked out a good way of using it on concave curved blades e.g gut hooks or the EKA SwingBlade gutting blade - I use a CRKT SlideSharp for them. I don't have any serrated blades so can't comment on them. Super for regular butchers/kitchen knives too!
    Unless you are sharpening for everyone in your street, I don't think you'll wear out the stones in a hurry. The stones can be re-dressed fairly easily and when finally worn out can be replaced individually at reasonable price (compared with the cost of the original outfit!). For me it does get better results than anything else I've used.
    Wish I had an Edge Pro Professional Kit 3 - with scissors attachment - though! Alasdair.

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    Have a look at the Chef choice 3 stage knife sharpener, Use to use both a lansky and Gatco sharpening system and ditched them once I bough an electric knife sharpener. The 3 stage sharpener is excellent, take initally 10 minutes work to get the blade razor sharp then after that take's seconds to touch them up before going out. Just be ready to be shocked when you use the first stage as it does rip steal from your knife but by the time you use the final stage it;s sharp and polished.

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