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Thread: Ministers plan huge sell-off of Britain's forests

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    Ministers plan huge sell-off of Britain's forests

    See thread below:

    This could be a possible opportunity for someone (or a group of individuals who form a company) to invest in forestland and enjoy the side benefits, such as the peace and quiet and the stalking. A sell-off will have a deflationary effect on prices and there will be fewer buyers, given the general economic situation.

    Questions arising generally:

    - Will the new owners have the resources to effectively manage the forests

    - Will there be implications for deer stalking

    On first appearance it's the wrong thing for the government to do as the plantings from 1930's onwards were designed to ensure the nation's self-sufficiency in forestry and timber.
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    Is it not just bl***y typical that the National Trust and the R.S.P.B are trying to muscle in with their opinions of what is acceptable to them regarding which lots are sold off. Trees managed by the F.C are a crop, trees planted by foresters years ago were planted with an expectation that when the rotation was complete they would be harvested. Nowadays every man and his dog wants to stop 'the lungs of the earth' from being murdered.

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    I cant see this been good news in the long run Maybe Id feel differently if I could afford a 1000 acres

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    A source close to the department said: "We are looking to energise our forests by bringing in fresh ideas and investment, and by putting conservation in the hands of local communities." short?..... We are bust and need to sell everything off!

    Mark Avery, conservation director for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) said:
    "You can understand why this Government would think 'why does the state need to be in charge of growing trees', because there are lots of people who make a living from growing trees.
    "But the Forestry Commission does more than just grow trees. A lot of the work is about looking after nature and landscapes."
    "We would be quite relaxed about the idea of some sales, but would be unrelaxed if the wrong bits were up for sale like the New Forest, Forest of Dean or Sherwood Forest, which are incredibly valuable for wildlife and shouldn't be sold off.
    "We would look very carefully at what was planned. It would be possible to sell 50 per cent if it was done in the right way."
    You couldnt beat that lot back with a shitty stick could you?....they need their wings clipped! (pardon the pun)
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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    Dan G got to agree ps the reason we need to get rid of the trees is very very simple they are a drain on our resources. Most of the Forestry groups have been extreemly greedy makeing more money than sence it has to stop . ILL BET There is not a chap on here who can understand why only 15% of the forests in scotland owned buy the government have leases on them and the other 85 % cost us 5.7 Million to control the deer aloan.

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    [QUOTE][the reason we need to get rid of the trees is very very simple they are a drain on our resources. Most of the Forestry groups have been extreemly greedy makeing more money than sence it has to stop /QUOTE]

    Sorry, i don't understand?

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    What dont you understand about the post gregory. Its simple maths it costs us more to put the trees in the ground and grow them than its return. These are not natural trees they are a crop of fast growing aliens. The Forestry companys have taken all the money from the grants and cant deliver a sustainable crop . Time to sell up and get the land working again.
    I am all for the selling of the trees its got to be beter than the managers we already have.

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    Don't believe what you read in the papers. The proposed (government leak) sell off only applies to England anyway. I will be very surprised if they get away with it - there will be a real hue and cry about selling the peoples forests. The implications for deer stalking would be dire - rather than open up any stalking leases it would disappear altogether

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    It is a closed shop at the moment and it is time that the other 85 % was opened up this would free millions of pounds of lost revenue .Down south is even worse. Lets get the country up and running by getting rid of crap investments.

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