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Thread: First Of the season

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    First Of the season

    I have only been out a couple of times so far due to problems with the truck and other commitments and those trips had proved fruitless, seeing only 1 hind. This particular day the weather was much improved ( no mist ) and the wind had turned to the northwest. I had my mate Stuart with me who i am mentoring and this was to be his first encounter with a red.
    We arrived about 6.40am and after checking we had the essentials we started off towards a plateau that the deer cross to get back to the forest, the lay of the land tends to act as a funnel channelling the deer across the plateau.
    As we made our way down the hill through the gorse and bracken, glassing every few steps , we spotted a few wild ponies but nothing else. We stopped about 40 feet from the bottom of the hill above a Hawthorn bush and settled in position amongst the bracken where we could cover the area. As our eyes grew accustomed to the light we could just make out 3 hinds and a dark stag making there way back to the forest but apart from only just being able to see them the were on a mission and no shot was on.
    The light improved fast and it was only about 5 minutes before we saw 3 more hinds appear on the plateau and they were about half way across when a stag appeared. He had a trot on as if trying to catch them up but stopped when i gave him a call but was not in the ideal position for a shot ( quartering towards me at about 95 yards ), he looked for a few seconds then set off after the hinds again. I gave him another call and he stopped and looked presenting a perfect broadside target, i squeezed the trigger and the stag threw back his head and collapsed on the spot. Stuart said he's down mate and was in a hurry to get to him but after a few seconds he got up staggered a few yards to his left then went down again, gave a few kicks got up briefly then down for good.
    We made our way to where he laid and took a second to admire a beautiful creature, a nice wide head with 8 points. Performing the gralloch showed the shot had missed the heart but destroyed both lungs . The extraction was a bit of a circus due to the fact the quad we borrowed had very little air in the front tyres but we got him out in the end.
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    well done tony, that write up sounds a bit like the one when i shot my first deer with you really pleased you got one hes a cracker he does look like he has some width across his thats one place you need a quad to get them boys out of.
    Atb Andy

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    Well done Tony, great write up & a cracking stag for your first

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    Nice beast for the first one for the season.

    Nice one mate


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    Well done Tony and nice write up. He does look very wide mate, but a nice head all the same with plenty of hooks to hang your coats on.


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    Wadas, i presume your refering to the width of the deer and not my sylph like physique

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    Tony i thought you call yourself athletic like me wadas, malc and fester

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony View Post
    Wadas, i presume your refering to the width of the deer and not my sylph like physique
    Yes, deffo the antlers Tony, your like me, built like a racing snake.


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    You want to see young Tony after a days beating on the shoot, he looks a bit like the stag!!

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    Old Keeper,
    Thats probably the nicest thing you've said about me.

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