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Thread: thinking of selling my rifle

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    thinking of selling my rifle

    hi all,

    i am thinking of selling my sauer elegance with 2 barrels here is the outfit ;

    sauer 202 steel action
    wood furniture
    6.5x55 barrel with reflex T4 mod proofed
    7x64 barrel with open sights
    sauer 1 inch mounts for a 50mm objective
    100 lapua cases
    rcbs competion dies for the 6.5x55
    lee dies for the 7x64 never used new
    push release swivels
    and take down tool

    it is all in very good condition the 6.5x55 barrel is cut down so the overall length with mod is the same length as a barrel with out a mod fitted .
    The 7x64 barrel which i bought new has only had no more than 60 shots through it i bought it for a trip which never happened.

    The wood work is in very good condition apart from a couple of scratches which would come out with little effort i dare not .

    what is a fair price for the above to make it appealing for a sale.


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    The package is worth over 2000, maybe 2250.

    Check out the replacement cost, I would value a Sauer at 60-70% of the current new price.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    well i was thinking around 1200 it looks like i was miles out .

    cheers mate

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    Might be better to sell seperate i am sure you would get more than you were thinking.

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    A fair price would be 50% of new price + /- 10% or more on condition and shot count

    Personally I would look at 1200 for the rifle, 400 for the barrel, mod 100, cases 20 and dies another 20 each set.

    Total - 1740 or therabouts.

    Rings are 1" - not many using 1" scopes

    Sauers are popular and decent quality, it would probably sell circa 1850, if you were to trade at a shop you might get 1200.......

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    hello redmist,

    i dont think that 20 for a set of rcbs competion dies is half price just checked on midway and they are over 100 what i will do is have a think about what all have said then put it up forsale soon.


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    Check out the current price for an Elegance grade 202. Ballpark is 2400. A spare barrel is around 650. Apel mounts - 300. It is cheapish to swap the 1" rings for 30mm. What you list would take around 3500 to buy new now.

    OK, your 6.5 barrel is threaded, for me that actually devalues, rather than adds value.

    Check out the prices on Sauers on guntrader.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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