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Thread: Deer Kaddy any good?

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    Deer Kaddy any good?

    Hi anyone experience of the deer Kaddy?
    It was advertised around 45.00 I think in a few magazines.
    Does it work and where can you get one?
    I am getting too old to load a quad on my own, and I understand it can be used on a trayback too.

    Thanks, hope someone can help.

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    Yep - used one loading a large Boar into the back of a trayback Landrover.

    Open the pack and it is obviously of cheap Chinese construction. Get it fixed in place and the concept works - just as long as the ground is not hard baked Tuscan clay. Then, instead of digging in and hoiking the carcass up 'n' over - the whole lot just slithers along behind the waggon/quad.

    Did I mention we were trying to use in on hard baked dirt out in Italy?

    Once in place, it gets in the way when you wish to access the flat bed to drag the carcass off. It didn't stay on the Landy for long before being consigned to the corner of a storage shed.

    Here is another concept that might appeal to you - also allows for a suspended gralloch if you so wish, though it seems to me that a quad winch could easily be strung over the top pulley to give a powered verison!

    Here is another design that with a bit of thought, can tie in with your existing quad winch .

    I like the ease of removal from the quad when not needed.


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    I'm not sure what you're after specificlly, but if its a device for lifting deer onto vehicles etc. have a look at the attached link.


    The stuff is made by a guy called Dave Stretton. Dave is a deer legend round our way. He is an agricultural engineer by trade, so his deer lifting / load stuff is very well made. Its not the cheapest, but the quality is first rate. Dave shoots several hundred deer a year so his designs are tried and tested.

    Might be worth a look.



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