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    Post Bert


    We are an dutch group off hunters that like to hunt in scotland on red stags,
    some off us already have bin to rum island.
    We interested in hunting in the norht off scotland in the remote countrysides, we are not loaded with mony just normal hunter ho has to urn there mony every day.
    We are in good condition and we did make several hunting trips in the mountains off east europe.

    If some one can offer red stag stalking for a week or two for an normal price for this or next year let use know

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    Afraid you have missed this year Bert!

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    I am afraid so, maybe next year !!

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    red stags Mull

    Anyone stalking on Mull island, oppertunities next year on red stag ?

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    Try the Alladale estate you won't get much further noth in Scotland.

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