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Thread: One for our American members, Rivers West any good?.

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    One for our American members, Rivers West any good?.

    I am after yet another pair of Gortex water proof over trousers, I have been reading good things about Rivers West including a warranty on the water proofing any of you guys had this gear for long term use.

    Here is a list of some of the ones I have got though so far.

    Deerhunter, good design but leaked almost straight away.

    Musto, leaked after 6 months

    Aquatec made in Canada, my mate had a jacket and reated it leaked after 6 months.

    Cabelas MT50 crap design but lasted over a year before they leaked.

    Swazi bid and brace, too warm most of the time and lacked pockets but kepted water out for 18 months.

    The trouble is after they start to leak I kept wearing them because they have cost me 100+ but after wet legs again this weekend I want some new ones that work.



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    I've just brought a Rivers West H2P fabric jacket back from Newfoundland, the guarantee is 10 years! The chap in the shop really rated their products and claimed they would back up that promise. Mind you the gear is not cheap.
    I've worn the jacket about a dozen times in some horrendous weather and found it warm,dry and comfortable. I'm not able to say what it will be like long term but the outlook looks good. I wish I'd had the cash for the trousers.
    The most weather proof clothing I've ever bought has been the Sport Chief saddle cloth gear. I've had a jacket and over trousers for 8 years and they still won't leak. It is possibly the only clothing that is a match for lakeland blackthorne thickets.

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    I know this isn't an answer to the question you asked Thar, but you might find it useful.

    Like you I've had "trouble with trousers" and have had great difficulty getting something waterproof that works. Most leak, most don't last a month and most are too warm to walk in. Many are also noisey and less than comfortable.

    Something over a year ago I ended up with a pair of lightweight Harkila trousers that Swillington have as "end of line" for about 80 at the minute. So far they haven't leaked, they are warm but not too warm for normal autumn/winter/spring stalking use and despite being lightweight they haven't torn, ripped or fallen apart. Now, my use is on moorland/forest so no brambles or thorns really but in my view Harkila are worth a look and until they came on the scene waterproof trousers were lasting me weeks, sometimes days, rather than months. I will certainly be considering them when I need a replacement pair.

    Here is a link to the pair I have:


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