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Thread: .270 load success

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    .270 load success

    Good evening all,

    I just thought I'd post my new load mix for any other .270 users who may be interested.

    This afternoon I loaded 130gr Nosler accubonds with Winchester brass, CCI large rifle primers, and 59gr of H4831sc. I seated the bullet about 10thou off the lands.

    This is the first time I've used the noslers and I have to say... I'm very happy with them. The first 3 shots at 100 yards are better than Ihoped for. I just moved it a click to the left and did not alter the elevation, which is at 1.5" high at 100 yards.

    I don't think I'll be experementing again for a while.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Very nice!

    Nice feeling isnt it when you get results like that! Are you off to Buckles this week? I cant make it.. I think a few of us may go for a beer in Ripon if your up for that sometime..

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    It is a great feeling!

    I think I'll be making an appearance in Buckles inn. Not sure if I'll get there bang on time though. When were you thinking about meeting in Ripon?


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    DC, that is bloody good well done,
    Might be worth taking the range out to 200 then 300 yards out of curiosity.
    With your own loads it is always interesting to see what the drop is.


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    The very first time you put five into the board, then look closer , then closer still, & then ask yourself did they all really go through that ragged hole?........... can't beat it, (unless you just dropped your first beast with them!).
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    Good stuff dave its inspiring me to get around to buying my reloading gear.


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    very nicley done , i will start to think about reloading for the 270 now ive got one on the way !

    cheers lee

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    59 to 60 grains of H4831 certainly seems to be the magic spot for .270W - mine, Mereside's and Gadget's all shoot one-hole groups at 60gns under a 130gn Hornady Interlock or Sierra ProHunter bullet, with just COL adjustments made to suit each rifle. In my 21" barrelled PH, that load is doing 2980fps - at the hotter end but not maxed out.

    Interestingly, I have found Reloder22 and N160 to be completely interchangeable with H4831 in my .270 - they all give near identical results at 60gns.

    Zeroed 1.5" high at 200 yards (using the 'maximum PBR approach' and a 5" kill zone), there's 2.5" drop at 277 yards, 9.5" at 350 and 16" at 400.


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    Hi Guy's,
    On the VihtaVuori Edition 8 Reloading Guide, for 130gn head.
    Starting with N160 51.5 to Maximum 58.0. And your getting your best results @ 60 grains? i am missing something here?

    My sweet load with N160 is 53 grains for my .270 [cloverleafs] or am i reading this wrong? soz if i am.

    I reload 110 grain heads and that is 59gn-60gn N160 very good on Vermin, again if i am missing something always here to learn.

    Regards Wullie.
    Your a long time dead, enjoy every day like it's your last!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by black lab View Post
    Hi Guy's, On the VihtaVuori Edition 8 Reloading Guide, for 130gn head. Starting with N160 51.5 to Maximum 58.0. And your getting your best results @ 60 grains? i am missing something here?....

    Regards Wullie.
    Yeah Willie, the VV is notoriously conservative and gives very mild load data for most rounds. It is laughable compared to US data for example.

    The only round that I have looked at where VV data is near the potential is 6.5x47 Lapua, which if you believe it has more velocity potential than a 260rem or a 6.5 swede despite less case capacity.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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