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Thread: deer/hare coarsers

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    Angry deer/hare coarsers

    Heads up you guys in essex/herts/beds and other surrounding areas,just spoke to my farmer chap on one of my shoots and he has told me that on friday and saturday night some poachers have drove around the farm coarseing hare and deer,im out foxing in a while so will keep lamps off for a bit and wait to see if they come back tonight as its very light outthere ideal conditions for keep a eye out chaps on your shoots.

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    It's going on here up in the north east of england, farmer that i shoot for saw an N reg 4x4 and men with running dogs lamping and coarseing hares last Friday night.

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    yes they was up in toddington bedfordshire on thursday night

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    Somebody was hare coarsing on my little permission in staffs last week. I would want a firm plan of action if i was to approach anyone. Firearms can be misinterpreted in potentially volatile situations. Watch yourselves! Regards, Ed.

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    A bit of safe friendly advice leave it well alone .Just not what you want mixed up in advice for what it s worth .
    Let the local farmers deal with it, if the so wish, most of them will leave it well alone also they know what types are into it ,they won't bother with them due to the reciprocations.

    Sort out the cause and shoot the Hares and Deer close to the road put up plenty of anti lamping stuff, usually rumbles them and they disappear .

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    Good advice Widowson for me i think you should have been sorting out the cause of the problem first you dont see many poachers in the central belt on normal farm ground reason the quarrie is always at a well kept level.

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    Yes happening up here in north korks even stealing steel gates to sell for scrap ,police dont want to know.

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    some lads down here drove through 3 fields of standing wheat just before harvest after fallow with dogs , farmer is now going to put ditch around all fields ,

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