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Thread: My 1st Boar courtesy of SolwayStalker

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    My 1st Boar courtesy of SolwayStalker

    For quite a few years now I have dreamed of shooting a boar , seeing as I had already secured the 6 species of deer on our shores along with wild goats.So when I saw the advert on this site for boar in SW Scotland I immediately PMd SolwayStalker and booked a trip.

    It was about 4 weeks away and I counted down every day in anticipation.Eventually Saturday arrived and I set off on the journey to SW Scotland. On arrival I was greeted by Colin and made to feel welcome. He took me to a field to show me the damage that the boar had created ....

    He then showed me to the feeding site which would be our destination that evening.He confirmed that pigs were feeding here and was confident that we may get a shot

    5.30PM and we settled in the tower overlooking the feeding site. Colin told me that we must be silent and make no noise at all as the pigs are very wary and easily spooked. I sat with his .308 and just prayed that they would appear.

    As night fell no sign of the pigs. We waited in darkness and the first arrival at the site was a fox which I watched for a while through the Zeiss scope on Colins rifle.

    8pm and still no sign. Colin was attaching the night vision to the scope , he peered through the scope and whispered "theres a pig !! "

    Very silently he passed the rifle to me and I looked through the scope to see a boar facing in my direction.As I waited for a broadside shot another boar appeared and this one presented itself perfectly broadside so without hesitation I released a round. The .308 barked loudly into the silence of the still night. "Did you get it " Colin asked.
    " I dont know but the shot felt good " I said

    We descended the tower and cautiously approached the site with a torch . I was ecstatic to find my boar lying stone dead.

    I was elated that I had suceeded in my quest for a boar at the 1st attempt.

    Not a big animal but nevertheless it was my 1st boar and one I will never forget.

    I cant thank Colin enough for giving me this opportunity. He is a very welcoming and friendly chap and I wouldnt hesitate recommending him to anyone who wishes to try for a boar.

    He will only take you out if he is confident that the boar are feeding at the sites and you have a chance of a shot .

    He even took me roe stalking in the morning and showed me some lovely countryside overlooking the Solway , I also grassed a couple of roe.

    Thanks again Colin I will be back of that you can be sure...

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    Well done on your first boar FH,great write up & pics & well done Colin

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    Congratulations on the boar foxhunter. Good writeup and great outcome.

    Me and Andy(tika308) are looking forward to our invite down to Sussex on the boar with the next few months so will get to know how you felt getting your first.


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    Congratulations on your first piggy, you've been waiting awhile for that just the right size for going on a spit.


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    well done buddy, what a great experience you had, a nice write up with a great finish. like wadas says hopefully we will have a similar night.

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    Congrats on your first boar well done!

    My Hunting Blog: click here

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    Well done fella,
    A great write up and some cracking pics. It is astounding how much damage they can do in such a short time.
    I am having a trip up fairly soon and I hope to bag one too. Did you take some home? it tastes mighty fine!

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    Well done on your boar. It's a great experiance and one that gets the adrenalin going


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    well done

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    Glad all went well.
    I did a similar hunt for my first boar in Germany in 1999. My pal had a hot spot he was feeding and I had just passed the German Jagdschein and had got no boar experience. So I am sitting out in a high seat and lo and behold a boar is on the bait so I line up and shoot the Zeiss outfitted rifle and get down and go to the spot all elated. NO BOAR only blood on the ground OUCH.
    We searched all next day and never found it even with his dog.
    The moral of my story is always do a couple of shots from someone elses gun to check it shoots straight for you before shooting live game with it.
    It pains me to remember this event even today but I had learn"t an important lesson.
    I am not raining on your parade it just reminded me of my first and the good lesson I learnt.
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