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Thread: Consider this the next time you sell to a game dealer

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    Consider this the next time you sell to a game dealer

    Know this has been done to death but......


    Price per kg Price per lb
    Prime Whole Fillet 30.00 13.63
    Medallions of Venison 22.00 10.00
    Sirloin Steak 21.00 9.55
    Haunch Steak/Rump 17.00 7.73
    Frying Steak 15.50 7.05
    Braising Steak 11.00 5.00

    Sirloin Roasting Joint 26.00 11.82
    Saddle on the Bone(special order) 23.50 10.68
    Haunch Joint 17.00 7.73
    Shoulder Fillet 13.25 6.02

    Venison Casserole 10.50 4.77
    Prime Lean Mince 8.50 3.86
    Smoked Venison 40.00 18.18
    Venison Liver 11.00 5.00
    Venison Kidneys 13.00 5.91
    Venison & Pork Burgers 8.50 3.86
    Venison & Pork Sausages 8.50 3.86
    Venison Chipolatas 8.50 3.86

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    True but it has always been like this, a plentiful supply of carcases and a limited outlet for the stalker.
    When I shot my first deer in 1961 the price was one shilling per pound and they were difficult to sell.
    All it needs is a dealer ring-a-round asking `how little are we going to pay this year`?

    Unfortunately we are a captive supply source.


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    miss the dealer out, you butcher, chop & bag. After 4 hrs work, move it on to family friends at the local WMC. They will love ya .

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    I don't agree with the prices dealers pay, hence the reason I don't deal with them anymore, but there is a lot of time and effort going into the end product.
    Having registered as a food business, haccap training etc and a visit of trading standards four weeks ago I have a understanding of whats involved, however i'd still try not to deal with dealers.
    Should all stalkers keep or sell privately the carcases them selves maybe it would drive the price up as supply dries up!!

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    Offered some venison to my neighbourgh this summer, surviving spouse of ex forestry commission worker. She was like - NOOOO, I've had so much venison all my life, please NOOOO..offered her some fresh caught trout instead,...much better I just keep it all bagged in the freezers..

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    consider this!
    20kg roe on the hook @2.00 kg = 40.00
    50% lost to skinning and boning and shot damage, now costs 4.00 per kg

    Saleable meat from original carcass 10.00kg

    haunches 2.50kg each = 5kg 12.00 per kg = 60.00
    fillet 1.00kg 1k 25.00 per kg = 25.00
    Shoulders 3.00kg 3kg 10.50 per kg = 31.50
    Mince etc 1.00kg 1kg 8.50 per kg = 8.50

    Gives a grand total of 125.00 @ retail
    Trade would be aleast 35% less = 81.25
    90% of dealers are dealing with the trade.

    So for their initial investment of 40.00 they are left with either 41.25 or 85.00 at retail..

    What has not been taken into account is the cost involved in proccessing that carcass.


    We proccessed Venison for 7 years and let me tell you its not as lucrative as you think! Because if it was,we would still be doing it..


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    Funnily enough Griff I've just got a quote for public liability for the food business, since this thread started.
    Because we are 'sourcing' the product, the book stops with us and the cheapest quote so far is 1600 a year!!
    Not worth pursuing.

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    try the Federation of Small Business's.

    worked for us.


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    A lady i know just paid 7.80 for a RABBIT.

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