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Thread: S&B PMII vs. Leupold Mark 4 LR/T

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    S&B PMII vs. Leupold Mark 4 LR/T

    Anyone played around with either the S&B PMII or the Leupold Mark 4 LR scopes, and have any feedback on their quality, feel, usefulness, etc? Not that either are really hunting scopes, but for a bit of long-range target or varmint work, they could be fun (expensive fun, but fun nevertheless).

    I love my S&B 6x42 on my .243, and Zeiss 3-12x56 on 6.5x55, but figured that when I add a .308Win next year, I'll want another scope with which to shoot reds, but also do a bit of target work, so either of the above could be a sneaky contender?

    on the Zeiss note, anyone have any comments on the Z-reticle 'thingy'..does it not assue uniform bullet-drop for all ammo? seems like it would....

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    I have had 2 PM2 3-12x50's and sold one, I then bought another but the 5-25x56.

    Both are fantastic scopes, I think that S&B are the best out there (My preference every time). I have just sold my 2nd 3-12x50 only for the reason that I want a fixed scope on that rifle.

    I can't comment on the Leupold but I have spoken to people with the Leup and looked through and felt the Leup, it has to be said, the quality of the feel is a total comparison, the Schmidt feels very much superior.

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    I've owned a couple of Leupolds, one of which was a Mark 4 - I wasn't overly impressed. Having looked through a PMII, it's in a different league ! IMHO

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    I have both and have used them extensively for stalking and target work. The 3-12x50 pmII is one of the best all round scopes ever made. I've made shots with that I would never have had with lesser glass. Plus the fact that I can wind in the elevation to silly ranges when on paper or steel.
    Can't say enough good about them.
    I also have one of the original 4.5-14x50 mk4 Leupolds. An excellent scope which in company with my PPC has seen the demise of rather a lot of vermin and deer. I think the older Leupolds had better glass quality than the modern ones and the higher mag versions suffer because of it.
    So I can't really agree that neither are hunting scopes: They're much better!
    The leupold glass isn't as good as the german or austrian manufacturers but then they're generally not in the same league price wise either.
    Essentially it's down to personal choice. Buy the best you can afford and learn to use it.



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    hi i have just taken my leupold mk4 off of my .243 and replaced it with a s&b 8x56 the leupold is now on my .22lr as i think the extra magnification will be more usefull for rabbiting, i think the leupold glass is very good and i would not hesitate to buy another
    cheers geoff

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    There is no comparison bettween the two.

    The PM11's beat MK4 in every area - I have had both, now only use PM11.

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    The police and the military use the S&B PMII. They don't use the Leupold!
    Nuff said!

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    I'm a Zeiss man but went an dbought the S&B PMII but the 12-50 x56 version, awsome piece of kit, wish I could afford one on my stalking rifle. Very well built brillient optics and the turret's are very easy to operate.

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    PMII every time, I have a 4-16PMII on my 7mm RM stalking rifle. Combines the rock solid adjustments of my nightforce (on 6.5x47) with optics that equal those of my other stalking scope (Zeiss Diavari on 308). If I were to be in the market for another scope it would be a S&B without doubt.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Redmist View Post
    There is no comparison bettween the two.

    The PM11's beat MK4 in every area - I have had both, now only use PM11.

    What he said.

    There is no comparison. Period.
    KevinF -

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