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Thread: Deer Condition/Numbers

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    Deer Condition/Numbers

    After all the bad weather in Scotland last year and the long spells of snow when everyone was seeing signs of poor condition in the deer, has anyone had to reduce the cull numbers this season, how did the stags compare to other years ??
    Just curious

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    On my hill which comprises about 12000 acres in N.W Scotland our stag weights have been slightly up with good amounts of fat.
    Our hind and calf count is also much higher than anticipated. We found no dead deer on any fencelines in the spring which was surprising.
    Our herd does have access to shelter on the low ground which makes a huge difference to hill deer.

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    No dead deer found on our hill, and as schiehallion said weights up and plenty fat, hind numbers are much the same as previous years, only thing this year rut was very late for us did not get properly started till 10/10/10 so slightly down on our stag cull, we are not a stag forest and depend on them coming in from neighbouring areas, seems that the hinds were
    late in coming in to season whether this was a result of last winter I am not certain.

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