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Thread: Humane dispatch handgun

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    Humane dispatch handgun

    I've just been out to dispatch my third Fox in just over a week. All have been caught right in the middle of town with very restricted parking. I've had to walk for 100 yards or so with my rifle slung over my shoulder (in a bag of course) and each time have had some very strange looks!

    As I'm getting more and more calls for this kind of work and getting my name known I'm wondering what are the chances of getting a handgun for this task? I don't need anything macho like the PPK listed on Guntrader and just a break action single shot would do the deed if it would make the application sit better with the police?. I would want/need it to be moderated for the areas I tend to work in.

    I've never really taken an interest in this sort of thing before but it would be very handy for me so I was wondering how many of you have a handgun for this task and also what you have? From reading through the basic legal stuff .32 seems to be the base calibre so what guns can you get in this chambering? I know of .32ACP but assume there are other rimmed cartridges too? I don't need a big boomer like a .38/.357 or a .44 because the biggest animal I am ever likely to need to dispatch in urban areas is a Roe Deer. If I get called out to a Bull on a farm I can just as easily use a rifle or shotgun. A .22 would do for Foxes but maybe not Deer at pistol velocities?

    So... Has anyone got any advice as to how I should go about this? I intend to e-mail my FEO for his input but would like some basic knowledge of the calibres and guns available so I don't end up going for something I'll struggle to get hold of or wont be any good!

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    How could you use a pistol in the middle of a town?
    The ricochet risk would be too great. Very easy to miss as well with a pistol!!!
    I use a moderated .410 now for the vast majority of what I do. 18 grams of subsonic No.6 shot at close range will kill anything!
    Very little risk of exit hole or ricochet, quiet and discrete. Job done!
    A .410 pistol is another possibility I suppose but wouldn't be as quiet.

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    +1 with the Spanker on a moderated folding .410. Very discrete and there's very little you can do with a pistol that the .410 can't handle - maybe moonlighting for the mob excepted.
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    all my RTA's done with a 12g for Hampshire constabulary, a bit messy I need a folding 410 that would tick all the box's.


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    hi just as another train of thought what about a cash coptive bolt gun very effective and no licence needed and no worries about ricochet

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    Quote Originally Posted by gerald View Post
    hi just as another train of thought what about a cash coptive bolt gun very effective and no licence needed and no worries about ricochet
    erm wonder if thats practical on a fox ..??
    nah dont think so

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    RogerH had a double barrel .410 Bond Arms Derringer pistol for sale on here on 10March 2010. Not cheap at 500 but ideal for the job.

    I tried to get permission for one about 6 years ago and listed the safe dispatch of wounded deer as my reason. Lothian & Borders sought advice from the DCS who went on to list reasons why I shouldn't need one and were listened to. If anyone wants to hear the farce that ensued when I phoned the DCS up to query their guidance I will post how the conversation went.

    This had been the same pistol I had been looking at back then, and having had a discussion today with my local FEO it looks as though it may be worth applying again for it. Time will tell.

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    I think you're right, the main handgun available will be the .32 single shot (our practice weapon is a modified Brazillian - no smirking!). Fair for cattle and horses, not so good for bulls. However, it has to be placed against the skull, anything beyond a foot or so is wildly inaccurate. I think the advice on a .410 is sound. A captive bolt is designed as a stunner, so you'd have to bleed afterwards.

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    I don't want a captive bolt. I really don't fancy sticking my hand in a cage with a trapped Fox to try to get near its head!

    A .410 shot pistol would work if I could mod it. Really I don't care what it looks like as long as it does the job. At the moment I use a short .22lr rifle, but anything that is long is a bit of a pain as it stands out a bit. You have to consider the shot site too - just getting a modded .410 or rifle out in view of all the other houses in the terrace isn't ideal. A pistol could be shielded by a jacket in use so nobody would ever see what's going on.

    I'm not sure why as shooters people have such an issue with handguns. They're not "macho" any more than any other gun, rather just easier to hide from prying eyes. The idea is that nobody would ever see it to draw an opinion in the first place!

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