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Thread: leupold scopes do the ajusters click or not??

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    leupold scopes do the ajusters click or not??

    i've got a leupold vx2 scope,the up down ajuster clicks like all the other scopes i have,the left to right one does'nt its smooth when turned foward or backwards,its just back from leupold after a full service,the scope has been on a rifle for years and never lost its zero so i can't remember if it was like this to begin with,any info welcomed!!atb

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    i had a vx111 scope clicks on both windage and elevation. i also had a rifleman no clicks on either windage or elevation. not sure about the vx2 but you think it would be one or the other not a combination.

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    VX1 doesn't click
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    Why not send them an email and ask? If there is a problem I'm sure Leopold will sort it

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    The one I had clicked on both, vx1 are friction adjusters.


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