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Thread: Stalking in the Republic of Ireland

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    Stalking in the Republic of Ireland

    Could any Irish colleagues please advise on locations in the Republic that are well regarded for deer stalking?

    Is it possible to get permission or is it all tied up already? Are there stalking syndicates?
    Is the deer population sustainable or in decline (I think poaching may be a problem)?

    Thanks in advance for the replies.

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    Poaching is a huge problem, especially as the unemployement is high and
    deer can be sold to venison processors. I think in many areas deer populations
    have dropped dramatically. Other areas might be OK.
    You should be able to get into a syndicate no problem, maybe at first a bit more expensive.
    I shoot in Kerry which has smaller sika and lower populations. Red Stags are protected.
    Even so I love the country side. If you like I could pm you a contact for fallow shooting
    in co. Tip.

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    it is no problem to get stalking , where are you looking for and what would you like to hunt

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    Knowing what little I do about ROI stalking, I would be looking for a syndicate in Kerry or Wicklow for red deer and/or fallow and/or sika over a reasonable acreage. I say Kerry & Wicklow as those are the only counties I am aware of that have a substantial/sustainable deer population that would support regular stalking; I may be mistaken in that there may be other areas with substantial populations, if so, I'm all ears.

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    Wicklow for me

    Heading back down to Wicklow again for the sika in two weeks time. Handy for me as I dont need to cross the pond to mainland, just jump in the car. Will let you know how I do. Was last down in 06 when I took a representative 8 point sika stag. Going to new ground for me at Glenmalure which is meant to be grrrreat.

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