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Thread: Would one of these be suitable for Rabbit Shooting?

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    Would one of these be suitable for Rabbit Shooting?

    A 22rf Gatling Gun complete with all accompliments including a loader. Video clips are worth a look as well but hard to concentrate on the Gatling Gun.

    Best to mount on the back of quad or pickup - discuss - Now how to pursuade the FLO

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    Well I guess thats one way to get a few rounds onto your ticket !!!, and I thought semi's chewed through a few!.

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    I remember seeing a .32 calibre one on a dealer's stand at Bisley one year. He said they couldn't sell them at the time. Not because they were illegal, but because no one could decide what it should be classed as on the FAC.
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    I think you can have on on your ticket as it's semi automatic as you have to crank the handle in order to rife the round as aposed to holding down the trigger to empty the magazine.... might need a bit of clarification from your FLO though .

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    I reckon I would go down the route of just applying for the calibre you were after
    Purchase one in that calibre then wait to see what the FEO came back with
    I reckon they will come back with it being a SLR or Semi-Auto
    Infact I may just query this one with them just to see

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    Did put this as a tongue in cheek comment. Really can't see any practical reason for one of these other as a collectors item / curiosity, but do seem very well made and would interesting to have a go with sometime. But at a twelve grand price tag you could have many trips to Africa for one of these.

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    I guess it would be cheaper roe stalking with one of these than forking out for a top German scope for making a one shot kill.
    Only joking.

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