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Thread: Buttolo call

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    Buttolo call

    Hi everyone,
    Can anyone tell me the best way to use a Buttolo call? There is a very old buck I have been told to shoot but have only seen him once, despite
    several stakeouts. Starting to get frustrated .....hoping to go out next week sometime, so any hints or stories on successes will be really appreciated.

    Thanks guys/gals.

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    have a look on this, someone else posted it first.


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    Dont use the call untill the rut has started mate. If you do they wont show real interest and you will only educate them. On 1 bit of ground I have I have a good old buck which I want to take out as there are continentals on the opposite fence. Last year I seen him 3 times!! Missed the bugger twice once done by bust mounts and the second time I rushed a neck shot!! the 3rd time I called him during the rut well he came so far stomping and snorting but I couldnt get a clean shot!! I managed to stalk into 60ydish he was going beserk thrashing everything on site and was positively foaming at the mouth oh how I wound him up. But he would not show himself for a good shot! I put this down to the twice I missed him!! Both times in the same area just behind where I stood and watched him go bonkers!


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    Many thanks.....

    Great advice, thanks. A bit like over lamping I guess.....less is more and the time has to be right.....will exercise more patience next outing!

    Cheers nuttyspaniel.

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