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Thread: roe deer bullet choice

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    roe deer bullet choice

    what bullet designs do we use for roe

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    I don't differentiate bullets for different animals. In 7mm08 i use speers 145gr spitzer. in 30-06 i will use thier 165 gr spitzer. in 243 i will use 80 gr soft points for foxing

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    soft point 150gn in .308 for deer stalking.
    hollow point 85 gn .243 for general use/just mooching around (munty/fox and maybe roe).
    ballistic silvertip 55gn .243 for planned foxing/ lamping near livestock.

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    In 6.5 it will be a Hornady 129 gr Interlocks, in .243 it will be a 100 gr Speer HPBT and it .222 it will be a 50 gr Sierra Game King. That is because they are the loads I am working through at the minute. I have also loaded 140 and 165 Hornady for my 6.5, I have 105 gr Sierra and 100 grain Hornady loaded for the .243 and they will get their turn.


    Forgot I have some 95 gr Nosler partition loasde for the .243 as well.

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    243 Remington AccuTip 100 grains at 90 yards are to be avoided, it blew up on the shoulder, turned 180 and exited 4" from entry point. Small cut to heart, bruise on lung and green all thorough carcase.

    The backstop was safe, I was standing beside the stalker and in the forestop that clearly wasn't safe!

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    Roe deer bullet choice

    In my 6.5x55's I have settled on Sierra 120 grain for Fox, muntjac, roe and fallow. These give a flat enough trajectory (+1.2" at 100 and -1.1" at 200) and are effective without meat damage.
    100 grain sierras in my .243 give very similar performance.

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    Thanks guys that was an interesting exercise. i bet that we all use our choice because in our minds they are the best. We a;; have our own experience es as well.

    Maybe we can say that they are all pretty good and fit for purpose?


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    RWS 100gn softpoint in .243 - I find very accurate, but doesn't give me the thump that I want to knock Roe over immediately - most run a few to 20 / 30yds after heart / lung shot. Its possibly a bit soft a bullet as it does seem to cause a lot of carcass damage - but thats probably a function of high velocity (3,050 fps according to the box) and close range of most of my shots (40 yds)

    Some have suggested going to a bigger calibre, others have said go down to 80gn softpoint. Others have said that the above is normal for heart / lung (inclined to agree) and if you want certain drop on the spot then head / neck shot is the only certainty (again inclined to agree but don't like to use unless very stable and certain).

    But still have 40 rds of the RWS and it does its job, and its legal for use on hinds as well, so will keep using until I have the time to try some other brands. But it clover leafs with three shots and I haven't had to adjust the sights in ten years so why bother changing.

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    my findings

    I agree with you about the .243's knock down power. i have also got a 7mm08 and a .30-06. i get less damage and more instant death with both of them. i think you are right on the velocity thing. If you step up in velocity and down in wieght you will get more meat damage and less knockdown and dead.

    That RWS brass is excellant though.


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    Thanks Steve

    Does anybody do a bigger than 100gn bullet for the .243 / 6mm - say 110gn, thus giving a bit more knckdown. Even the 100gn is still quite a short bullet when compared to say the 140gn 6.5mm or the 176gn 7mm.

    Certainly I would have thought there is plenty of case capacity to shove something out at respectible velocities.

    Many thanks

    Heym SR20

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