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    work this out

    i saw a friend of mine today whom has just bought a .45 pistol for humane dispatch and he showed me a bullet and a bloddy big bullet to, quite a bit of brass and a fair sized head to, best way i could discride it was a fat .22 magnum. my shock came when i asked him how much a box was to buyseeing as its not common round when compaired to say .308 .22-250 or .17hmr and as i have already said there was quite a bit of brass powder and lead in it, but i was taken back buy 12.50 for a box of 50!! how the hell can bullet manufactures get away with charging what they do for normal rifle rounds which are mass produced and using not much more raw materials than a pistol round??? this is less money than some pay for a box of 50 .17hmr, we are getting royally shafted just because they can

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    volume, the 45 is a very popular pistol round in the US. No doubt it was an american round.

    What surprises me is how he got a ticket for it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Alycidon View Post
    What surprises me is how he got a ticket for it.
    It's not impossible. I read this recently from a reliable source, (D&C Constabulary):

    "The Metropolitan police refused to authorise a .44 calibre pistol with an unrestricted magazine for the humane killing of deer and wild boar and the applicant took them to court and won. The Met however, will be appealing that decision."

    I've previously had a Colt Python .357 and a 9mm Sig P228, (both unrestricted capacity - the Sig with 13 round mag), and didn't cause any problems.

    The 'Dirty Harry' in the Met area might be pushing it but a Judge somewhere obviously thought he could justify it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alycidon View Post
    volume, the 45 is a very popular pistol round in the US. No doubt it was an american round.
    I suspect that volume of manufacture certainly keeps the price down. Also, they contain a good deal less powder than rifle-cartridges.
    I do wonder also whether pistol-rounds designed for use at 25yds might be subjected to less-stringent tolerances in manufacture than, say, the lovely Norma .22-250 loads which my rifle shoots into a single ragged hole at 100yds.

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    The drawing and loading processes are less expensive with most rimless handgun ammunition. It's not a matter of materials, it's a matter of labor costs and production time.

    As to getting ripped off with the prices of factory ammo? You bet. Raw material costs are down heavily since the "shortage" scare of a few years back. This chicken will come home to roost with the decline in economic happiness that I believe is coming. People will remember.~Muir

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    i did think that maybe it was down the the u.s. using up huge amounts of pistol ammo but rifle rounds used cant be that far behind in numbers used????

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    Am assuming from your description that it is a .45 long colt (revolver) rather than an ACP?

    There isn't much powder in those things (as little as 5grains in some cases) nor are pistol rounds exactly instruments of precision... All these things add up.

    Incidentally they are used a lot in gallery rifle here in the UK, who burn through a lot of ammo, volumes help.

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