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Thread: Hello fellow stalkers

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    Hello fellow stalkers

    Hello All,
    Ive just joined this fine directory but I have been looking at it for a while and you all seem great!

    Ive been stalking for 20 years, exclusively roe but in the last two years a little red too.
    I began stalking in East devon on my parent's farm with an awful Parker Hale .243 but now I've moved North to Northumberland I have a bit of land near Wooler where I shoot about 12 deer per annum with a Winchester M70 .243 and a Ruger M77 .308. I sell most of my deer to the game dealer but do cut up a few for myself and friends. Although Ive done quite a bit of stalking I'm not very well qualified with regards to DMQ. I took my BDS woodland stalkers certificate in 1993 and failed to update it to DSC1 within the deadline so I still have to take my meat hygiene course which can make selling my carcasses tricky although I know perfectly well how to prepare them properly. Does anyone know how I can just do the meat hygiene part of the DSC1 in the Northumberland/ south East scotland area or can I just take the DSC1 exam without having to take the whole course?


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    Put a thread on the general discussion section, there are reps from BASC and other organisations on here and they will be able to give you details of Game/meat hygene courses. I've seen them advertised on here before. The NGO also run courses.



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    Thanks for reply I'll do that.


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    Thanks for advice

    Many thanks for advice, I've looked at the link you left and I may be as well to take the assessment for dsc1 if I can do it in a day.

    Thanks again

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