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Thread: .270 Tales (tall and otherwise)

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    .270 Tales (tall and otherwise)

    As I said in my intro, I'm interested in getting a 6.5x55 as and when the FAC comes through (will be getting DSC1 first), but it seems some feel it's a bit light and offers little over the .243 Win.

    Now I've had a lot of experience with the .243 in South Africa, and I have a pretty good idea of what it will and won't do on game. I also used to have a 7x64 for the bigger stuff- never felt undergunned on Eland or Zebra with it.

    Is there any point in considering the .270 for (mainly) woodland stalking? I am concerned over meat damage, but would a 150gn bullet mitigate that? I do like the idea of the .270- it's close enough to the 7x64 that I know what I'm dealing with- and besides, I've been reading a lot of Jack O' Connor lately

    Plan B could be to get a 6.5 and put in for a variation for 7X64 as and when the need (or desire) arises.

    I will be handloading, just to make things more interesting...

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    I've shot the .270 and the 6.5x55 but cannot comment in too much depth. In my opinion the 6.5x55 (.264) has a substantially bigger knock-down effect than the .243, and the .270 is slightly bigger than that, so should be a marginally bigger hitter.

    I've had little meat damage with the 6.5x55 Swede, exit wounds around 1.5" in diameter for roe using Norma Vulcan and Fed Powershock SP 150g. Also works great for Reds, whereas the last red stag I took with my .243 needed a second round, even though perfect bullet placement with the first from 75 yards.

    Between the two, in my opinion, maybe look at access to brass and bullets, as well as the rifle you're interested in and whether they offer either of the calibers.

    I don't think you should be worried about excessive meat damage to be honest, but should be great calibers, but if you're also looking to use it for highland stalking or open ground with longer shots, you 'could' also consider the .284 (7mm) or .308Win. Both are good for Roe, but may leave a bit more meat damage. Take broadside shots and meat damage is not too bad of course, take a 45 degree frontal/shoulder shot and you'll lose a shoulder and a haunch irrespective of the calibers.

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    You can make a 270 do everything a 6.5X55 can do with a almost identical range of bullets (90 to 160gns) if you are reloading. You can use a 270 on boar in the UK no questions asked. Both calibres need a long action (not that I see that as a big issues).

    The Swede is not able to shoot heavier bullets than the 270, it also can not match the velocity of the 270, muzzle blast and recoil are not a consideration if you are using a moderator. If you are going “bare back”, then you can down load a 270 to match the velocity and recoil of the 6.5, but being a SA bloke I hope you are no “limp wrested, latté drinking, manbag carrying, re-coil sensitive poofter”.

    The sectional densities and ballistics co-efficient of both calibres are very similar’ not that either have much to do with UK deer stalking because the animals are mostly shot under 300 yards and every deer legal calibre when used with a "game bullet" has more than enough penetration to reach the vitals on any UK deer.

    Well that’s my take on it.



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    .270 on boar? Now you have my attention! Chances are I'll be getting a CZ 550, which rules out the shorty calibers anyway- it's a long action, might as well fill it up. I like the CZ's- nice action, but the wood can be a bit plain. Anyone know if a semi inletted '98 stock will work? Might be an idea for later on...

    Recoil- I can shoot a .270 no problem. Only rifle that ever hurt me was my Heym 8x60S- lightweight rifle in a Bavarian stock- that thing kicked the snot out of me with RWS 196 gn H-Mantel factory loads.

    I don't think there's any doubt that the .270 has enough "huss-pah" to kill deer, in fact my concern is that it might be a bit overpowered for roe. But I look forward to hearing from dedicated .270 fans regarding its use on deer.

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    I have three .270s a Browning eurobolt,a 1908 brazilian mauser and a Ruger No1 and tend to use purchased rounds Federal etc for open ground shooting but in woodland I prefer to reload a roundnose bullet ata lower velocity and play with the powder,primer to get the same point of impact.

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    Although I can only tell about one Roe Buck shot with thsi combination the results were good. 150 grain federal fusion through an old BSA majestic .270 at 120 metres I seem to recall John said and the Buck went 12 feet. Carcase was fine in fact I have some him for dinner tomorrow

    Yes I happen to like the ole .270 cartridge unlike some..............Oh hum . Oh I also have a 6.5x55 but there is just something about the .270 that I like and no I have never read any O'Conner .

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    The .270 is unfashionable at the moment, and there are bargains to be had. No meat worries at all, using sensible bullets.

    The 6.5 takes a much wider bullet range than the .243 in deer capable sizes and is allowed for boar in some continental countries.

    Defra are thinking of raising the advised minimum calibre for boar from .270 to .308, but this will, of course, mean little to the differing constaularies around the country. Some will condition for it, and some will not, no matter the Government advice.

    Blindness to suffering is an inherent consequence of natural selection. Nature is neither kind nor cruel but fiercely indifferent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brithunter View Post
    have never read any O'Conner .
    You're in for a treat! It's worth bearing in mind that Jack grew up in America's Southwest where the country is open and shots can be long, which influenced his choice of rifles as a rule. But he spins a cracking yarn, and passes some sage advice.

    I do keep an eye on GT for a nice rifle, but there's nothing much in .270 that I'm keen on right now. Still, I'm not likely to have my FAC before Easter anyway, so I have time to ponder the options.

    So, DEFRA's bullistic experts reckon a .270 shooting a 150 gn bullet at 2800fps is less powerful than a .308 shooting a 150 gn bullet at, uhm 2800 fps?!

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    What sort of .270 rifle do you have in mind? may I ask There was a rather nice looking Parker-Hale 1200C a little while ago in Surrey. But not knowing what you looking for

    I understand not everyone shares my liking of the older rifles. That's OK leaves more for me to find .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Windknot View Post
    So, DEFRA's bullistic experts reckon a .270 shooting a 150 gn bullet at 2800fps is less powerful than a .308 shooting a 150 gn bullet at, uhm 2800 fps?!
    Windknot, do you really think they would have the nous to specify a minimum bullet weight? You do not really expect common sense from Defra surely?? No, thought not.

    Blindness to suffering is an inherent consequence of natural selection. Nature is neither kind nor cruel but fiercely indifferent.

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