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Thread: Practical Comparison

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    Practical Comparison

    I have now been guided away from a 6.5x55 which i was originally going to get because if i went for that then there is a good chance that in the future im going to want a bigger round.

    Ive got a 30-06 on my ticket but there seems to be not a huge number of them around and they are generally more pricey.

    Then i have seen Thars Howa for sale and am quite taken with it so ................

    In the real world is there any difference between a .308 and a 30-06?

    Shooting Fallow, Munties and Roe with potentially pigs and reds one day.

    150gn bullets (ish) and re loading

    Would i regret getting a .308 instead of a 30-06 (or even a 6.5x55)

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    It dpends on what you will be doing with it.

    For all intents and purposes the 30-06 has no real advantage over the 308 until you start shooting 180 grain and heavier bullets. Even then the difference is about 100 fps which is not very much in terms of trajectory or striking power.

    I should point out that I write this despite the fact that I shoot a 30.06 and love it.

    The real advantage of the 30.06 is that it is shot wherever big game is hunted. If you are going to go to Africa, for example, 30.06 ammo loaded with good heavy bullets can be easily had if the airline looses yours.

    You may find, as I have done, that the 150 grain bullets is not the way forward in the 30 cal. A 165 grain bullet is about equal to the 120 grain 6.5mm and 130 grain .270, with the 180 grain 30 cal being similar to the 140 grain 6.5 and 150 grain .270 bullets. I have settled on a 180 grain bullet doing 2700fps for everything.

    It dropped animals to 300 kgs in Africa and doesn't shoot up too much meat on roe, all with conventional bullets. With a 150 grain bullet at 3000fps, you will need premiums in my experience to avoid blowing huge holes in the smaller species.

    You'll not regret getting the 30 cal as a primary big game rifle, it's rather good at most of things you'll want to do.

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    Sorry, i only said 150gn to make the point i wanst after firing artilery weight bullets.

    So 308 and 30-06 are really interchangable?

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    If you look at the reloading tables, you get slightly more efficiency in the .308, but it's marginal. Also if you were shooting at a 1000 yds a .308 seems to give marginally more accuracy. Neither calibre is allowed into the EU countries that do not allow military calibres for boar. That said, you can buy .308/30-06 ammunition nearly anywhere in the world.

    The .308 was what i applied for, but as i wanted fox on my conditions too, the largest they would allow at the time was a 6.5.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Newcombe View Post
    Sorry, i only said 150gn to make the point i wanst after firing artilery weight bullets.

    So 308 and 30-06 are really interchangable?

    I think it's safe to say that you wouldn't notice the difference, no.....

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    I hate this new rifle choosing palava!

    I have a .22-250 for foxes so dont really need the double duty rifle and i have come round to the idea of going big and then never really 'needing' another rifle. Wanting is different!

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    Restricting yourself to 150 grain bullets in the 30 cal is perhaps not the way forward, I know you won't want to hear this but the difference between a 140 grain 6.5 bullet and a 150 grain 308 bullet is that the 6.5mm bullet is likely to hold together better and penetrate deeper!

    Read this Dan:

    I'm not trying to confuse you, but if you want a bigger gun then make sure you are actually getting a bigger gun!

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    I shoot 150 grain Hornady spire points from my 308 and to my amazement over the chrony they are showing around 3000fps, I didn't set out with the intention of loading them fast and just worked up to an accurate load. I'm not seeing unreasonable meat damage and they penetrate clean through anything I've shot with them, I've never recovered one. They group pretty well on paper, the limiting factor is almost certainly me, and the only down side I can think of with them is that sometimes they click or rattle together when I carry them in my pocket.

    I would be pretty certain that you could say almost the same thing about a 30 06 right down to the rattle. Based on that it probably comes down to picking a rifle you like, that fits you and that will do your job and if it comes in either cartridge you will be good to go.

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    If it was just down to me then i would go for a 6.5x55 and use it happily for everything.

    BUT, a 30 cal means that i would legally not need another rifle no matter what comes along in this country (cant see myself going abroad to be honest).

    I dont really WANT a bigger gun but in the long run, someone has made the rules so that you arent allowed to shoot a pig with a rifle you can shoot a red stag with!

    I havent got permission with pigs at the moment but wouldnt want to turn an opportunity down just because some desk idiot reckons the rifle i have isnt up to it.

    Hence the 30 cal thinking and the .308 is cheaper to get hold of than the 30-06

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    Given that you aren't interested in ballistics it's a non-question Dan.

    As C says get either, it doesn't matter which for the type of shooting you do.

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