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Thread: Hello everyone

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    Hello everyone

    Hi - - my name is John Ross. I live up near Inverness and have been Stalking for quite a while. Mainly Roe with a Tika .243. I take a few folks out Stalking and if anyone is interested do give me a call - - 01667 462166 or 07774 742227. Here's a copy of my previous ebay advert - -
    ROE-DEER Stalking for Skilled or Novice Hunters. Rifle and instruction available if required. B&B if reqd. Companions welcome.Per outing 80 ( 4 Hours approx) -
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    Thanks for that gadget - - just feeling my way around this site at the mo - - plenty interesting topics by the look of things.

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    Hi , John been checking out your add on E-Bay it looks sound mate.
    I also live around your neck of the wood the other side of Inverness
    I have been shooting for 25 years but just started stalking & enjoy when ever I can get out
    The problem is I can never arrange anything as I work away from home ALOT
    Is there any way that I could just call you up & arrange for a day stalking very quickly as this is the only way I can do thinks.
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    hi j ross,im not long on the directory my self but getting something right as you will find,you cant be far away from myself in dingwall,ill check out your prices on ebay.i am always ready to barter for some shooting myself,some interesting photos on this site,

    rob from

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    Welcome but you are in serious breach of the site rules. You will note Rob has trade beside his name. Your post is in breach. The boys will be along to put you right soon. (one is local to you, See the thread re SD week.) I don't want you to fall foul of the rules. See trade advertising above the commercial section. Genuine errors are easily remidied,

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    Hi Budgie - - - as you say best thing is just give me a call anytime and see what we can arrange. I'm fine with the short notice - - It'll be pot luck obviously but I'm sure we can work something out.



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    Thanks for the advice Jim - - Sorry bout that. As I said above I'm feeling my way through this so I'll now check out the commercial area and that thread.



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    I see you made it OK . I'm the one that lives local that Jim was on about.

    Welcome to the site.

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    Welcome, there are a many members around this area now, we will need to get a meeting organised......Are you in Ardersier?


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