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    Sako Factory

    Hi All

    Does anyone have an email address or a telephone number in Finland that works?

    I ve tried those shown on the website, no reply. I've tried Gunmark...... might as well bark at the moon... and they don't or can't answer technical questions with any kind of precision, and won't give contact details of the factory!

    I love Sako/Tikka products but Customer Support .... -1.


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    Try rattling the Berretta cage after all they own Sako/Tikka.
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    Thanks Brit ..... Worth a try.



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    Have you tried ? It's a media centre contact address but they should be able to forward an enquiry if you ask nicely. I know that they previously responded to an equiry I made but I can't find the address I used at the moment.

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    Thanks again for the pointer, I ve had a look around all the various Beretta websites, and they appear to ring fence themselves from direct contact by using the regional distributors, which led me back to GMK. So, I'll try a suitably grovelling e mail to the address above and see if anything flies out of the bushes.



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    I tried a while back to get some technical info from SAKO and whilst they answered the email it was a polite bog off! Good luck I don't know anyone who has managed it yet but there's always a first time for everything.

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    I had a very different response when I enquired some time ago, with a very polite and helpful answer to a technical question. I have also had a very nice reply from GMK in the past. I can only speak as I find.

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    Hi Tikka

    When Sako had the blow-ups problem on a small number of finilites a few years back I wanted to check that my serial number wasn't one of the recalls. Baretta UK were almost in denial and useless so in desparation I went to customer service at Baretta US and they were excellent. If any of the previous suggestions don't come to fruition then perhaps try that route. I'm sorry I don't have the email address as it was about two PC's ago and things get lost.

    Hope that helps

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    As 8x57 says, I found GMK very helpful in identifying a Sako 75 - they took the serial number and called me back in 10 minutes with the answer - can't complain about that!


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