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Thread: From Belgium

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    From Belgium


    My name is David and I'm a taxidermist in Belgium.

    Why the hell is a Belgian hunter on an english forum???

    Just because I love your country and all the deers you have! and I like reading your stories about muntjac, CWD, Fallow, roe, sika and red deers!


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    Welcome to the forum.

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    Why should you not be on this forum, you are not alone there are at least two other Belgians on the forum and several people from other countrys, I think that most would agree that if you are interested in deer, you are welcome here.

    One small point its a UK forum not an English forum,those from Scotland, Ireland and Wales might not be to happy if they thought it was an English forum.

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    Oops, sorry for the mistake...

    Thank you for the welcome!

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    Hi Snowleopard and welcome. Where are you located in Belgium, I was raised in Brussels but now live in the UK. You should stick up some examples of your work in due course.

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    Welcome to the forum mate .. I drive through your lovely flat country on the way to Germany

    you seem to have quite a lot of deer in the fields when we drive through mainly Fallow or Roe? and a few boar I believe?

    We have met some cracking Belgium folk over the years, in fact spent one of the most enjoyable evening ever with an old mate from the Flemish side? ..not French anyway lol ..
    So are you from that noble side or the froggy side ? lots
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    Welcome to the forum David, I have hunted with a good few of your fellow countrymen and most I am pleased to say make good hunters
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