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Thread: stag worrying sheep

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    stag worrying sheep

    i have a question relating to shooting a stag after dark if it is worrying sheep. I ran the question by claret-dabler as we are from the same sort of area and fall under the same firearms control etc but i am interested to know if anyone has ever been called to cull a stag that has been worrying livestock.

    I got a call last night from a friend and it was around 1800 and if i was able to attend it would have been necessary to use artificial light to take the shot. The stag had been in among sheep and was worrying them which at this time of year can lead to a substantial financial loss to the farmer. i know in northern ireland there is no likelihood of getting a night shooting license for deer but where would you stand legally if the stag had to be culled last night. There is an exemption for shooting out of season if an animal is likely to cause risk to people but would this cover livestock.

    It will be possible to visit the area during daylight and hopefully we can take care of the stag under normal conditions but i would still be interested in replies.


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    Just wondering if your certificate mentions "stock protection"? A friend who farms has a condition on his certificate to this effect. If it were a dog worrying sheep there would be very little question about it, but a deer??? An interesting question this one.
    Personally if it were my livelihood at risk and stock protection was a condition on my certificate I wouldn't hesitate, and I wouldnt shout about it either.

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    Tricky one, Not at night i add but a few years ago during the Rut period i shot a Stag what was being VERY aggressive to cattle, NEVER sen it before or since. The way i understand MY F.A.C i would be ok to have shot the Stag, as 8x57 say's i would have discreetly removed the problem ??????????????????

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    i agree totally with the quietly quietly approach and i definatley wouldnt have brought the subject up if i had of been in a position to help out last night but given the recent press over the exmoor shooting i wouldnt be just as keen to walk the thin line between legal and illegal at the moment. personally if the livestock where mine we would be having this debate and my freezer would be fuller.


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