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Thread: Sinbad. new member/ dogs for deer.

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    Sinbad. new member/ dogs for deer.

    Hi to everybody out there.
    First time on any type of forum, I use a 7mm08 and a .223 (where legal) and stalk mainly roe, with a few fallow when I get the chance I am about to start training a 6 month old GWP as a HPR (I am also a member of a shooting syndicate) and deer. any advise regarding the deer training would be greatly appreciated.

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    sinbad welcome to the site
    good choice of calibre in 7 08 and also the gwp two things we have in common
    regards pete .

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    hi there sinbad and welcome,got a 9 month old gwp, so i know what you are going through,just take your time and be patient with the pup.

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    Hi Pete.
    second time around with the 7.08, changed to a 6.5x55 (an equally good caliber) only to have problems getting a variation for wild boar with it (to small a caliber) tried explaining about sectional density etc but gave up and got another variation order back to 7.08. Dont think the boar would have minded to much do you.
    First time with the GWP tho. what a biddable dog, are they all like this. Already steady on the stop and recall whistle, brakes not great on the recall tends to put me on my back seems to think its fun watching me go backwards down a ditch full of sting nettles.
    Regards Paul
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    Hi Nel
    Have found him to be faster at learning than I am at training!! Just beginning to be a little headstrong now, but a joy to recall on the whistle and retrieves for fun. hardest thing is remembering how young he is and not push to fast. Have had spaniels at 14 month not as steady as he is at 6!
    Regards Paul
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