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Thread: Synthetic Stock for Sauer 90

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    Synthetic Stock for Sauer 90


    I have seen a Sauer 90 in a calibre that I have a slot for. It looks a lovely rifle. However, it has a very nice wooden stock which I would probably ruin. I am wondering how easy / expensive it would be to get a replacement synthetic stock fitted. Ideally I would like to be able to swap between the original wood and a synthetic one. However, I realise this may not be possible.

    If anyone has any experience of replacement synthetic stocks on these rifles I'd be very grateful for some advice.

    Apologies if I've offended anyone with talk of synthetic stocks on trad hunting rifles. I do feel slightly embarrassed about asking the question.



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    Mcmillan do a synthetic stock, here is a link to it

    A couple of lads i stalk with have the sauer 90 stutzen cracking gun would definately recomend the sauer 90.


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