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Thread: Just an old fart from Edmonton Alberta Canada

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    Just an old fart from Edmonton Alberta Canada

    Good day all: My user name is Olegeezer - a nickname my kids gave back some years ago when I turned 55. My name is Jim. I was born and raised here in Edmonton to a lower middle class family. My father taught me to hunt from a young age but I gave it up after I got married and had a family some 40 years ago. One of my son-in-laws got my oldest son into hunting so I got back into it as well about 10 years ago. I found your site looking for information about a Parker Hale Safari Deluxe s/n 1x4x in a 308 Norma caliber that I took over when my father passed away in 1990. Based on the information gathered from this site and the Hunter's Life site, it would appear to be a 1963 model. It currently is top fed and holds 3 rounds in the mag. I would like to convert it to a removable clip, but have not been able to find out much about doing so.

    Any help you folks could provide would be appreciated.
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    Welcome to the site Jim, Brithunter might be able to give you some pointers on the Parker Hale.



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